Touch Screen Metal Detector

  • Features:
  1. Touch screen display easy for operation.
  2. Dual channels dual frequencies type detector.
  3. 20 kinds products data can be record in system.
  4. IP65 dust and water proof.
  5. The performance of the conveyor belt is complied with the American food
        sanitationstandard (FDA), it can be used for inspection of the unpacked food

  • Specifications:
  1. Material: 304 type stainless steel for detector, 201 type stainless steel for frame,
        PVC/ PU white belt. Belt length (mm): 1600mm. Conveyor height from belt to
        ground  650mm +100mm feet adjustable, with wheels moveable.
        Alarm: buzzer / warning lights
  • Specifications:
  1. Stop on Detect Reject(≦50KG) - The conveyor system stops if metal is detected
        and an alarm sounds, enabling the operator to remove the contaminated
  2. Pusher Reject(≦10KG) - Pneumatically powered pushers divert contaminated
        productout of the production flow/ belt.
  3. Flap Reject - End Flap/Lift Flap reject mechanism are typically used to remove
  4. Flow speed: 25 m/ min fixed or 10 to 40 m / min variable.
  5. Flow direction: from left to right or opposite (facing control panel).
  6. Language for operation system: English/Spanish/Chinese.
  7. Electronic source: AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz, power: 90/120/200W.
  • Aperture/ Opening inner size & Sensitivity ability


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